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General terms and conditions of sale

Our general pur­chas­ing con­di­tions (CGG) are the con­trac­tual basis for orders of any type and service provision for all com­pa­nies of the MT SOLUTIONS France. They gen­er­ally also apply for elec­tronic busi­ness processes. De­vi­a­tions from them are only valid after prior written agree­ment.


For works due to be completed within three months of the client’s signed acceptance, our offer is valid for a duration of three months. Any order placed later than three months dating from our quoted start date must be confirmed by us. The price may be revised, where necessary, by applying a corrective equation calculated according to the following parameters: 0.50BT01 according to the time difference, in months, between the date of execution of the work and the date stated in the quote. By signing either a quote, work order or digital confirmation, the client firmly and definitively confirms their commitment to the works.
The works to be carried out are expressly limited to those specified in the offer, quote or order. Any additional works carried out, as well as possible maintenance work, will be subject to a separate quote, agreed upon beforehand.


We have exclusive ownership of our quotes, designs, plans, models and specifications.
Communication of such documents to other companies or third parties is forbidden and liable to damages. The documents must be returned to us if no eventual order is placed.


Delivery deadlines are advisory only, unless otherwise stipulated by the contract. We are absolved of any commitment regarding delivery deadlines in the following cases:


We are only obliged to start works within the time frame set out in our offer. Our work may only be installed once the sites reserved for this purpose have been made available and all masonry, plastering and tiling work etc. has completely dried. We may not be held liable for any distortions, warping or shrinkage of elements caused by abnormal humidity levels.


Works are accepted fifteen days after completion, at the latest. If the client fails to formally accept the works within thirty days of completion, the works will be considered as unconditionally accepted.


Our work is executed entirely to order and must be paid for as follows:


If the event that the client fails to meet the terms of payment, the company reserves the right to suspend all works three days after providing the client with notice to honour its commitments.


In the event that the client breaches the contract prior to commencement of the commissioned works, the down payment paid upon order will be retainedas a lump sum compensation. This sum will also be supplemented by the total cost of any supplies and materials that have already been ordered. In the event of a breach of contract during the execution of the works, a lump sum amount equal to 15% of the original quote or order (inclusive of VAT) will be charged in addition to the invoice for all work completed. In compliance with Article L. 441-6 of the new French Commercial Code, penalties for late payment must be applied if the amounts due are paid after the payment due date stated on the invoice. The interest rate for such delays is equal to 1.5% per month of delay. After notice has been given, interest shall be applied from the due date and will be calculated per month, with each new month the delay runs into counting as an entire month.


All goods delivered remain our property until they have been paid for in full. However, all associated risks are transferred upon delivery. In the event that payment is not received within the deadline agreed, we reserve the right to reclaim the item delivered and, if we see fit, terminate the contract.


In the event of a dispute, jurisdiction is granted to the competent courts of our company’s head office.